X-Ray Markers: Lead vs. Lead-Free Characters

X-ray markers commonly consist of Lead or Lead-free characters, an Aluminum or Plastic backing and epoxy part to cover the letters. With that said, the only radiopaque material in the markers are the lead or lead-free characters. Once X-ray marker is exposed to radiation, the characters cast a shadow, which is displayed on the final image. Characters can be letters, numbers, lead balls (for position markers), or lead arrows (to point the part of interest on images).

Traditionally all X-ray markers were made of lead characters, but over the years due to the hazarders nature and harmful potential effects of lead, magicxraymarker.com and some other suppliers have started offering lead-free alternatives. The lead-free characters are made of other dense metals such as Bismuth, which serve the same purpose without the potential risks of lead. Lead characters have been around for a long time and their variety is far larger than lead-free options. Lead-free characters are only available in flat face style, while lead characters come in flat face, industrial, hairline, condensed deep block and sharp face.

Mounted or Unmounted.

Mounted lead or lead free figures are a more convenient method of X-ray identification and they can be individual letters or complete words on clear, white or black vinyl plastic, aluminum or copper. Mounted letters are easier to handle than loose letters and can be ordered to fit a variety of aluminum channel markers.

Unmounted lead letters are the most economical means of positive x-ray identification. You can tape these letters to the x-ray cassette or table. Most X-ray suppliers offer the characters as packs of 25-50-100 or more and this can get expensive for those who create personalized markers for themselves or as a craft for others. Top quality characters can also be hard to find. There are many manufacturers, which offer lead or lead free figures, but most of them are nondurable, die-cast characters with interior voids.  Magicxraymarker.com has the largest selection of mounted and unmounted lead and lead-free characters. They are also one of the few suppliers of highest quality characters sold at any quantity for your next DIY X-ray marker project.

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Founded in 2009 and based in Lake Elsinore, California, Magic X-Ray Marker started out as the manufacturer of the world’s one and only washable and reusable, self-adhesive X-Ray markers. Over the years, we have listened to our customers and expanded our product lines to include a large variety of Aluminum, Plastic, Personalized, and Same-Day shipping markers, holders and accessories. We also offer top-quality lead and lead-free characters, as well as molds, glitters, and epoxy so you can create your own X-Ray markers as you please

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